WordPress Read More Plugins to Help You Control Your Excerpts

Nearly everyone with a website wants their visitors to “read more.” There are some plugins that can help.

And by that I mean they want their readers to click on the little link at the bottom of an excerpt that by default these days says, “Continue Reading.”

Below we’ve collected a couple of “read more” plugins to help you gain more control over your excerpts, the links that go with them, and in some cases, even their corresponding full posts as well.


When you follow the “Continue Reading” link in WordPress, by default it not only takes you to the full post but also jumps you down to the spot where the original “Continue Reading” link was placed so that you can continue on where you left off.

Some people find this disorienting. Enter the StripTease plugin. It makes it so you go to the beginning of the post.

Read More

The Read More plugin will help you show or hide long content on your WordPress site.

Parts of pages that you don’t want to be seen immediately by your users will be hidden. This will enhance your visitors’ experiences and increase your SEO.

Manually Change the More Tag

And finally, one last way to affect your “Read More” link is to manually change it. (As we explained before in this “More Tag” post about using this trick to pull in more readers.)

You do this by simply adding whatever words you’d like to the “more tag” in the HTML view of your editor.

So, for example, your normal “more tag” looks like this:


And I’m going to change it to say, “CLICK THIS LINK NOW!” by setting it up like so:


And here’s the result.

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