Six Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

Pricing tables play an important role in helping your visitors quickly visualize and compare the different features your pricing plans offer. The problem is, they can be a challenge from both a design and usability standpoint – they must be simple, but at the same time clearly differentiate between features and prices of different products and services.

If users can’t immediately see the value in your product or service right away, you can rest assured their cash will remain firmly in their wallet. But with some the right marketing strategy, pricing comparison tables can provide an effective way to position your packages for increased sales.

So in today’s post, we’re going to take a look at some quality plugins available to help you get the pricing right on your site.

Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table
Pricing Table Plugin
Easy Pricing Tables
Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table

QuanticaLabs’ CSS3 Responsive Pricing Table Plugin is a premium WordPress pricing table solution that offers a responsive layout. If you get jitters from the mere thought of having to code then this plugin is for you. It is compatible with Multisite WordPress installations as well.

There are two styles you can choose from – light and dark – and each comes with 20 color variations. The plugin is developed using pure CSS3 which makes it super lightweight and efficient. The developers have also released an HTML version of their plugin.

The plugin is loaded with options like a responsive mode configurator and an extensive admin panel with live configuration. You have full control over the design of the table with a handful of options for rows, columns, hover states, ribbons, and tick/cross icons.

You can get their regular license for $27 in which you’ll also get 6 months of support from the developers and future updates.


Enable responsive mode and set responsive steps/dimensions
Intuitive admin panel with live configuration
2 table styles, 20 color variations
Unlimited number of tables
Unlimited columns and rows
Show/hide column(s) from admin panel
Set columns as active (popped up)
Expandable rows
Hover states
42 tick/cross icons

Pricing Table Plugin

The Pricing Table Plugin is an easy-to-use, premium plugin for WordPress that helps you create high converting pricing comparison tables. According to their website, “the plugin can literally take your sales to the next level — while complementing your site’s design”.

The plugin’s conversion optimization feature is backed by behavioral research and conversion rate optimization (CRO) studies, which gives it a competitive edge over other pricing tables from a marketing standpoint. Plugmatter’s Pro Pricing Table Plugin is designed for those of you who shy away from coding (I’m one of them).

With this plugin, you get 10 fully responsive, customizable pricing table templates that are designed to increase your site’s conversion rate. From a design perspective, the templates can be pigeon-holed as either matrix templates or cards templates.

The premium plugin has three plans to choose from with the lowest priced at $37. Its steep prices are justified by the high-tech features it offers.


Intuitive WYSIWYG Editor
Drag and drop sorting columns/rows
Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome
Google Events Tracking
23 editable buttons
Cell editor loaded with options
Fully responsive design
A/B Split Testing
Prompt customer support
Short codes implementation
Try all templates with one input

Easy Pricing Tables

Fatcat Apps’ Easy Pricing Tables are popular pricing tables that you can set up in just two minutes. They offer 10 fully responsive pricing table templates that have built-in tooltips for you to display detailed information about your product/service without cluttering it.

According to their website, once you install the plugin it’ll just work. You don’t need to code anything or go through complex configurations. It’ll be up and running in minutes.

Easy Pricing Table plugin also offers Business and Agency plans that have pricing toggles and Google Analytics add-ons. Pricing toggles lets your customers view the rates you’re charging for a particular service in different currencies or for different durations (e.g. quarterly plans, yearly plans, etc.).

Fatcat Apps has a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the pricing tables. You can get a Personal license for $29 that can be used on one website in which you’ll get access to all ten design templates and email support.


10 design templates.
Fully responsive and customizable.
Easy to use.
Tooltips integration.
Premium email support.
Pricing Toggles Add-on.
Google Analytics Add-on.


ParaTheme’s Pricing Table is a free, lightweight pricing table plugin for WordPress. It generates a pure HTML/CSS grid to display the table on your site.

Its ease of use, responsive design and host of features make it a popular option for those who don’t want to buy a pricing table. You can simply drag and drop columns/rows and manage the pricing table from its built-in admin panel.

The plugin is integrated with support for short codes which makes it easier for users to add the pricing table where ever they’d like.

One of the features I liked best was that you can embed videos (YouTube or Vimeo) in your pricing table plans.


Unlimited rows and columns
Drag and drop functionality
7 text color pack
12 background color pack
19 column ribbons
21 Google Fonts
Supports background image for table area

Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Granth’s Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables supports several media elements including images, maps, audio and video. It only takes a few minutes to setup the plugin with their intuitive admin panel.

The plugin is integrated with Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon and Material Icons that you can use on your custom pricing table. With its Instant Preview feature you can view the pricing table in its final form before publishing it to your site. This saves a lot of time going back and making small changes.

Go Pricing – WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables have a collection of 250+ template designs for you to pick from. The tables are fully customizable which means you can do everything from changing cell spacing to assigning different colors to every column.

The regular license is available for $27 which can be used on one site.


250+ starter template collection.
650+ Google Fonts.
1900+ Font Icons.
Unlimited buttons.
Scan with your device.
Instant Preview.
Responsive layout.
PayPal button shortcode.
Unlimited color mixture.


ARPrice is a premium pricing table plugin developed by Repute InfoSystems. It is a responsive comparison pricing table plugin for WordPress that features unique animated templates and customizability.

The package comes with a pack of 170+ pricing table options for you to choose from. If one of these doesn’t fit well with your site’s style, you can always customize it yourself. The ARPrice plugin is integrated with a fully featured admin panel through which you can drag and drop columns and resize them accordingly.

ARPrice is a very intuitive plugin. You can add images, Google Maps, audios and videos to your pricing table and supplement them with animation effects.

The regular license is available for $27 which includes six months of support from the developers and future updates.


170+ pricing table templates
Animation effects
Fully featured admin panel
Drag and drop functionality
Customizable responsivity
Google Fonts and Font Awesome integration
Support for PayPal script
Add images, maps, audio and video
Tooltip support

Pricing Table Plugins Compared

If you’re looking for a premium plugin then Easy Pricing Table wins, well, easily. It’s got everything you need in a pricing table plugin. I liked its pricing toggles feature the most, which the rest of them didn’t offer. Pricing toggles become necessary if your product’s/service’s prices vary.

POWr Price Table had several features that the rest of them didn’t have, such as support for different languages and cloud integration.

If you change the overall look of your site frequently, you’ll probably be better off with Go Pricing’s pricing tables with over 250 options to choose from.

Choosing the Best Pricing Plugin

There are tons of pricing table solutions out there for WordPress, but these made it to our list based on their excellent features and the balance they hold between design and usability. We saw how real sites implemented their pricing tables by leveraging the features that were most important to them.

By now you must have a pretty good idea of the different pricing tables out there and what each one of them can do. Whether you want a plugin with a handful of pre-designed templates to choose from or one to customize yourself, you now have a few different options to pick from.

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