Scale Your Business To Greater Heights With Bigger WPMU DEV WordPress Hosting Plans

Whether you (or your client) needs dedicated enterprise-level hosting to process resource-heavy applications or an occasional power boost to handle traffic surges or spikes during the big events, WPMU DEV has bigger managed WordPress hosting plans to suit any website’s needs.

In this post, we’ll cover the following:

WPMU DEV Prorated Hosting Plans: What You Need When You Need It
Hosting Plan Specifications
How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your Current Hosting Plan

WPMU DEV’s Prorated Hosting Plans: What You Need When You Need It

WPMU DEV’s bigger hosting plans let you scale up server memory, CPUs, storage, and bandwidth for individual sites.

If you need to increase or decrease your server needs for a specific site (and/or for a specific period of time), you can easily and simply upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan and only pay for the extra amount of resources used during that period.*

For example, let’s say that you have a site hosted on our level 5 Uranium plan (see section below for different hosting plan specs) for some time and you need extra server grunt to handle an upcoming sales promotion (e.g. Mother’s/Father’s Day, Black Friday, etc.), so you power your site up to our level 9 Iridium plan.

You will only be charged the prorated difference for upgrading plans. Once you downgrade, you will then be given prorated “hosting credits” for the amount of time you didn’t spend.

So, in the above scenario, if you were on the Iridium plan for only 10 days, you will only pay for 10 days of that plan’s usage.

It’s basically like having dynamic hosting pricing with complete control over when to upgrade or downgrade your hosting needs.

Additionally, as a WPMU DEV member, you can configure our site monitoring service Uptime to track your site’s performance and automatically notify you that it’s time to upgrade your hosting if it detects that traffic is surging on your site.

You can then make sure that your site is growing with real traffic, not bots, and make a risk-free decision to upgrade.

* Note: Upgrading and downgrading between plans only applies to our bigger hosting plans. With the standard plans (Bronze to Platinum) you can only downgrade to the level below (e.g. if you are on Bronze plan and upgrade to Platinum, you can only downgrade to Gold).

Hosting Plan Specifications

WPMU DEV gives you the choice of hosting your sites on the following plans:

Hosting Plan
Cost p/Site
Est. Visits
1 GB
1 vCPU
25 GB
1 TB
2 GB
2 vCPU
25 GB
2.5 TB
8 GB
4 vCPU
60 GB
10 TB
16 GB
6 vCPU
155 GB
20 TB
32 GB
8 vCPU
640 GB
25 TB
64 GB
16 vCPU
640 GB
30 TB
96 GB
20 vCPU
640 GB
35 TB
128 GB
24 vCPU
640 GB
40 TB
192 GB
32 vCPU
640 GB
45 TB

Is your site starting to get more traffic than Google and the Metaverse combined? If so, it may be time to upgrade to one of WPMU DEV’s bigger hosting plans!

How To Upgrade or Downgrade Your Current Hosting Plan

Changing your hosting plan with WPMU DEV is super easy.

From your Hub, select the site you want to upgrade or downgrade, then click on the Hosting tab, and click on the Upgrade (or Resize) button next to your existing plan in the Overview section.

Click on the Upgrade button to change your hosting plan.

Select your new hosting plan to either upgrade or downgrade and click on the Upgrade/Downgrade button.

Easily upgrade or downgrade anytime by selecting a different hosting plan.

That’s it! Your new hosting plan will take effect after disk resizing takes place and your hosting credits will be prorated as described earlier.

Note: your site will be offline while the server disk resizes. Allow 30-40 mins when upgrading/downgrading to a bigger hosting plan.

Put The Pedal To The Metal With Our Bigger Hosting Plans

All of our managed WordPress hosting plans run on dedicated servers and give you access to 24/7 expert hosting support.

Most WordPress sites will run just fine on the Bronze and/or Silver plan. We recommend choosing Gold or Platinum plans for hosting small to large eCommerce sites.

If you need hosting with real grunt and server power for a large eCommerce store, a big Multisite, or heavily-trafficked subscription or paid content sites, consider upgrading to our Uranium, Titanium, Palladium, Rhodium, or Iridium plans.

And if you need help choosing the best hosting plan for your needs, contact our support team or chat/email our sales team.

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