Multisite Plugin Manager: An Essential Free Tool for Every WordPress Network

The plugin formerly known as WPMU Plugin Manager is back and better than ever! It’s now called Multisite Plugin Manager and has been completely rewritten for WordPress 3.1. This is one of those tools that every multisite installation needs for managing plugin access permissions across a WordPress multisite network.

Not every site within your network is going to have the same plugin needs.

The ability to activate additional functionality on a site-by-site basis can be very valuable. Also, mass activation and deactivation of plugins can save you tons of time, especially if you have thousands of sites on your network.

Adding new features can become tedious if you don’t have mass activation capabilities.

Current Features of the Multisite Plugin Manager Include:

Select what plugins sites have access to
Choose plugins to Auto-Activate for all new blogs
Mass activate/deactivate a plugin on all sites in your network (Very Handy!)
Assign special plugin access permissions for specific sites in your network
And as Super Admin, you can override all these to activate specific plugins on the sites you choose!
Removes the plugin meta row links (Version, Author, Plugin) and any update messages for blog admins

The very cool thing about this plugin is that it integrates with the WPMU DEV Pro Sites plugin so that you can charge for access to certain plugins, very similar to the way does!

Once you install both plugins, the options to charge for access to certain plugins will appear in the drop downs.

Why would you want to integrate with the Pro Sites plugin? It’s one of the powerful keys to building a successful and lucrative multisite network.

Selling premium upgrades to users is a tried and proven way to monetize your network.

The Multisite Plugin Manager is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository. Download it today and add it to your network toolbox.

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