It’s A Hit! Client Billing Reaches $500K Volume Processed and Is Now Completely Free 🎉

Billing your clients with WPMU DEV’s complete white label subscription and invoice solution is hitting goals. So, to celebrate, we have made it… completely free (no credit card required!) for anyone to use, with 0% commission fees for business-level members.

Client Billing … your complete (and free) billing and invoicing management solution!

“I love the client billing system. In the past I used Paypal to charge my client and it was just a mess. I started using WPMU DEV’s client billing system and I have a more automated billing process.”

Giovani R – G2

Let’s get right to the point…if you are a web developer, and you like getting paid for your services, and you’re not using WPMU DEV’s Client Billing to set up automated client billing (or standalone invoicing!), then you’re missing out on a powerful free tool that can make a huge difference to your business.

Set up your products and services, generate invoices, and get paid…all without leaving The Hub!

“The site management tools are amazing, all your sites in one dashboard with any and every tool you could think of to manage your websites, from client billing to performance analytics, its all there.”

Web Host Wizards – Trustpilot

Client Billing is a complete white label subscription and invoice solution that integrates fully with your site and The Hub Client and lets you streamline the way you manage and bill your clients with a full payment system for your business.

Create automated recurring invoices or send one-time payment requests to clients with one click.

Think of an “automated client billing management” system with automated subscriptions, white label client portal, secure checkout, branded invoices and emails, and a whole lot more, and you’ll be close to imagining what our Client Billing tool lets you do (oh…and did we also mention that it’s free?).

But you don’t have to imagine. You can learn all that Client Billing does and take it out for a spin to see for yourself!

Use Client Billing’s white label tools to generate and send client invoices under your own brand.

“Using WPMU Dev, I have benefitted from their convenient client billing and client management system”

Sian E- G2

Just How Good Is WPMU DEV’s Client Billing Anyway?

Since launching Client Billing in November 2021, our members are now close to generating almost $100,000 p/mth in gross monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Monthly recurring revenue keeps going up…that’s a good thing, right?

And we have processed over $500,000 in client billing and invoicing payments so far…

WPMU DEV members have used the Client Billing tool to pocket over half a million dollars in services.

The results speak for themselves. More members are using Client Billing to invoice their clients and get paid and monthly recurring revenue is going up and up. Our members are making money and we have many other great features planned for Client Billing, so we are breaking out the bubbly!

“Their suite of plugins is amazing and I love that I can connect all of my clients using their hub and billing.”

Megan W – G2

Save Time with Free Client Billing and Make More Money with 0% Fees!

Client Billing is available to all WPMU DEV members, regardless of the membership level you are on.

If you are a WPMU DEV member on a Freelancer or Agency plan (our business-level plans), use our powerful free Client Billing tool to set up automated client billing for recurring subscriptions and services or standalone invoices for any service or package you offer and we won’t charge you any commission fees…ever!

This means that as a business-level member, we will absorb the admin costs of the service , and the only fees you will pay for billing or invoicing your clients through our Client Billing system are whatever your payment processor (e.g. Stripe) charges, as we have no control of what 3rd-party payment providers do.

“Just now I input all of my websites and hooked it up to client billing, to see my MRR right there motivates me so much I think I will upgrade to the agency plan and push hard with business.”

Web Host Wizards – Trustpilot

Note: If you are a Free, Basic, or Standard Member, you also get Client Billing included for free in your WPMU DEV membership, and we’ll only charge you a 5% fee on the transaction amount for administering the service.

“The customer billing integration with stripe has been a huge help with all of my web design clients saving me a lot of time.”

Clarence H – G2

Get Started With Free Client Billing Today!

If you haven’t started using Client Billing yet, don’t wait any longer to start getting paid automatically for your services and generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR). You can get started right now from The Hub if you are a member, or join the WPMU DEV community and start billing your clients the smart and automated way!

Check out our in-depth step-by-step documentation, read our tutorials on how to get the most out of client billing, and if you need any help,  you’ve always got 24/7 access to our expert support team.

Getting paid for your services just keeps getting easier with WPMU DEV’s built-in client billing system!

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