Introducing Reseller – Automate Your Digital Agency

Today we are officially releasing our new Reseller platform, the end-to-end way to sell hosting, domains, templates, support and services through your own white-label portal, on your own domain.

Exclusively available for WPMU DEV Agency members, we’ve built this platform from the ground up to make selling-sites-while-you-sleep a reality.

Read on to see how you can use Reseller to create your own Squarespace, GoDaddy, or to just automate your web development business.

Manual no more

Our members have always resold WPMU DEV plugins, hosting and services and we’ve always done whatever we can to make that happen by making it easy to white-label everything we do.

But that’s always been a manual process, your customers have had to contact you, you’ve set stuff up and emailed them back, and so on.

Well, that ends today, because with Reseller you can offer your site visitors a hosting plan, a choice of templates and any services you care to add on, and they can purchase it and create a subscription, without you having to lift a finger.

They’ll be able to manage their site and their subscription using your professional custom portal, get support, and purchase other services as you define them.

And shortly, you’ll be able to package domains with that too.

Reseller tools

To get started, just visit the new Reseller icon in The Hub and follow the instructions, as part of this you’ll set up:

White-label billing, powered by Stripe

Easily manage your clients, invoices, and recurring revenue from one place.

Our client billing platform has already processed over $5 million in subscriptions and invoices for our members, and it powers Reseller, allowing you to easily let your customers set up subscription packages and make one-off payments.

Even better, we charge 0% commission, so you get to keep the entire fee.

White-label client portal, at your own domain

Create a branded portal where clients can check out, log in, and manage their sites.

The Hub Client is already used by thousands of WPMU DEV members to provide a professional portal for their clients, and now you can also use it to create elegant product and pricing tables that allow your users to check out directly to their new site.

And you can control exactly what they see there.

Hosting and template packages

Add your products, create bundled plans, and set your pricing/subscription terms.

It’s easy with Reseller to create as many packages as you like, combining templates (use ours or create your own) and whatever hosting packages you choose. Then, simply add prices and advertise them on your site.

We’ll only ever charge you, at our normal rates, for the hosting your customers buy.

Coming soon…

Reseller is ready to go now. In fact, it’s already being used successfully by a number of members, but there are some core integrations coming soon that we think you’ll enjoy.

Domain automation

Full domain reseller automation is on the way next!

Allow your customers to search for and purchase a domain with their package, this will automatically map the domain to their site and set up a subscription for them too. Domain transfers will also work just fine.

In the interim, you can encourage customers to bring their own domains or let them know you’ll arrange that shortly (and you can use the billing platform for that).

White-label support

Brand our highly-rated 24/7 expert support as your own!

Are you concerned about not being able to support your clients 24/7? We know exactly how you feel and that’s why we’re going to offer white-label support to help you run your round-the-clock business, with a platform that integrates your support with ours.

Of course, you can already provide your own integrated support right now as part of The Hub Client.

Let us know how you go

We’re really looking forward to seeing how you use Reseller and developing the platform to help you succeed, so please let us know through the feedback tab how you go, and what we can do to help you succeed.

And, of course, we’re interested in your impressions here too 🙂 So feel free to leave a comment below!

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