Picture Perfect WordPress Thumbnail Plugins

Thumbnails tend to be a huge part of most WordPress themes these days. Even very simple themes make use of them in different places.

Also, of course, your thumbnails are what tend to attract visitors’ attention when they’re scanning around, looking for somewhere else to go.

And so given the importance of thumbnails, we thought we would go over a couple of thumbnail plugins that might help you get even more out of this powerful and attention-grabbing feature.

Thumbnail Carousel Slider

The Thumbnail Carousel Slider lets you create sliders of thumbnail images. You can insert these sliders into posts or pages with a shortcode, or you can insert them into your theme files with the code provided in the settings area.

As the name implies, this creates responsive sliders.

There are a number of controls in the settings area that let you choose things such as whether the slider auto scrolls, the speed of the scroll, the background color, height and width of the thumbnails, and more.

The one drawback to this plugin is that you can’t easily choose images from your Media Library. You are given an image uploader, but it doesn’t directly access your Media Library.

Featured Image Thumbnail Grid

The Featured Image Thumbnail Grid plugin lets you insert shortcodes that will grab the featured image of posts and display them in a grid fashion. Those thumbnails will then link to the post.

You have a number of controls within the shortcodes, such as setting the thumbnail sizes, limiting the thumbnails to one category, controlling the number of thumbnails that will show, and controlling the order of the thumbnails, and more.


Hopefully one of these plugins can help with your WordPress thumbnails! They’re both highly rated and updated regularly.

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