Find Your Perfect Backup Match

As 90s dance legend, Robin S famously sang, “Back It Up!” And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do – find the perfect backup partner to keep your client(s) websites safe and secure.

Just like in the dating world, not every backup solution is a perfect match. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our lineup of eligible backup bachelors, ready to sweep you off your feet (and protect your data).

Hourly Backups: The Attentive Suitor

Name: Hourly Backups

Age: Recently added in 2022, but wise beyond its years

Looking for: High-traffic sites, particularly in industries like eCommerce, finance, news, education, or enterprise – sites that need constant attention and care.

About Me: I’m the backup equivalent of a doting partner who’s always by your side. Available exclusively for WPMU DEV-hosted sites, I create a new backup every hour, giving you 720 restore points over 30 days. That means you’ll never lose more than 59 minutes of precious data, no matter what happens.

My backups are incremental, which means I only store the changes since our last rendezvous. This keeps things light and speedy, so you won’t have to worry about me taking up too much space (or bandwidth). For sites that are constantly evolving, having a backup that can keep up with the pace is essential. Data is the new romance language, and I’m fluent!

At just $5 a month, I’m an affordable catch that other hosts can only dream of. But the real prize? You can resell me to your clients, setting your own price and bringing in that sweet, recurring revenue. Talk about a power couple!

More about me:

Snapshot Pro: The Open-Minded Charmer

Name: Snapshot Pro

Age: Recently updated and improved from its 2017 debut

Looking for: Anyone who’s not exclusively hosted with WPMU DEV but wants to explore the idea of a third-party storage fling (or is already flirting with the idea of hosting with us).

About Me: I’m the backup equivalent of a charming, open-minded partner who’s always up for trying new things. My incremental backups are lightning-fast and can be stored for up to 50 days! The first backup is a full-site one, and from there, I only save the latest changes and updates – efficient and space-saving, just like a good partner should be.

But here’s where I really shine: I’ve recently been updated to allow you to export your backups to popular third-party platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and others.

Whether you’re hosted with WPMU DEV or not, you’ll always know when our last backup was and when the next one is scheduled. And if you do decide to take our relationship to the next level by hosting with us, you’ll get an even deeper insight into our backups via The Hub. Maybe it’s time to check out our Hosting Plans and see if there’s a perfect match?

I’m sleek, easy to use, and offer the added bonus of third-party storage options. If you’re looking for a backup partner who’s always open to new adventures, I might just be the one for you.

More about me:

Hosting Backups: The Reliable Companion

Name: Hosting Backups

Age: A classic, around since we began!

Looking for: Anyone who wants to host a site with us or is already part of our hosting family.

About Me: I’m the backup equivalent of a reliable, trustworthy partner who’s been by your side from the very beginning. With any level of WPMU DEV’s hosting, whether single or multisite, I’m included as a standard feature – like a partner who’s always there, no matter what.

I’ll never let you lose more than 23 hours of data, with nightly backups, and with my fast one-click restore accessed via The Hub, you know your site(s) are in safe hands. I perform a full site backup every 15 days, and all backups are stored for a 30-day period. But what really sets me apart is that I offer automated backup storage on remote (offsite) locations.

To get the most out of our relationship, check out our membership options – you’ll unlock a world of just more than nightly backups, including 24/7 expert technical support, The Hub, and a complete suite of Pro plugins. And don’t forget to enable our Uptime service, so you’ll always know if there’s any downtime or response time issues.

More about me:

Will We Get a Second Date?

We’re confident that there’s a backup feature out there for everyone, and we hope this quick and easy-to-digest overview has helped you find your perfect match. Of course, with WPMU DEV, you’ll always have our 24/7 support team on hand to help you navigate the different backup options.

We’ve got so many other features that can enhance and streamline your business, as well as the possibility of reselling to your clients. So why not drop us a line and let’s start planning our first date? Who knows, it could be the beginning of a beautiful (and well-backed-up) relationship!

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