Announcing… the WPMU DEV Agency Partner Directory!

The ability to access custom services such as development, design, or marketing is a common request we get, both from our members and audience at large – or should we say, it was a common request.

We’re excited to reveal that not only did we hear you, we did something about it. And today we can announce that solution (of which we’re rather proud).

Introducing… WPMU DEV’s comprehensive new agency directory that allows members to showcase their services, and helps users find trusted experts to hire for their projects.

It’s a win-win!

What’s more, you don’t need to wait for our team to build it. The directory has just launched! And it’s completely free!

As with any new feature, it’s important to understand the ins and outs, so let’s take a closer look at some of the details – both for those who need help, and those who can give it.

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How it Works
How to Apply
Giddy Up, Partner

How it Works

For those looking to enlist help for a project, it’s as easy as heading to the WPMU DEV Agency Partners page and searching for what you need, within the parameters you set.

For Agency Partners, we’ll be sending potential clients in their direction by referring requests we receive that are outside of the scope of WPMU DEV support.

That means FREE promotion! And potential revenue!!

Because we’ll also mention this occasionally in our weekly emails and our social media, that’s a whole lot of free marketing that will be going out to our extended audience.

Plus, by virtue of agencies being added to the directory, they’ll get high authority backlinks to their site, helping to increase their domain authority – which of course leads to higher ranking on search engines for another stellar bonus: SEO gains.

As for the directory itself, search and filtering capabilities allow users to quickly zero in on agencies that provide website maintenance, ecommerce, video production, and more.

It’s easy to use, and has loads of potential.

How to Apply

Agencies using WPMU DEV tools to build quality sites are eligible for inclusion in our Agency Partners Directory.

Such agencies that are interested in being listed in our directory can fill out this form. Every submission will be checked and agencies informed whether or not they qualify for inclusion.

While inclusion in the directory is limited to WPMU DEV members, use of the directory as a resource to access custom services is open to everyone – and it’s 100% free! Simply jump online and start your search.

Giddy Up, Partner

The Agency Partners Directory is our solution to providing those in need of custom services with quality, credible options – vetted by us – while bringing potential business to our top member agencies.

This will help users, WPMU DEV members and non-members alike, find top-ranking and trustworthy agencies.

This great symbiosis is what WPMU DEV is all about, and this launch will enhance all of our existing products and services, putting the varying specialities of our developer audience in closer reach of each other.

Give it a look-see, and tell us what you think!

If you haven’t already, try us out (free, for 7 days!) and see how WPMU DEV’s membership can make a big difference in your professional journey. All of our Memberships, as well as our Hosting, include a fleet of Pro Plugins, 24/7/365 five-star support, and a ton more.

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